About Loan Against Property

We offer facility of loan against property to our valued patrons for financing their business ventures. The highlights of this facility are higher loan amount for longer tenure of repayment at attractive interest rates. loan against property belongs to the secured loan  category. where the borrower gives a guarantee by using his property as security . we also offer finances that range from minimum 50lac to maximum 100cr. under this facility we accept residential as well as commercial & industrial also offer option to using securities as collaterals. it is very easy to take without go anywhere on behalf of minimal papers work. this loan variant can be availed by salaried& self employed business owners.

Advantage of secure loan:-

  • For longer tenure 1yrs to Maximum 15yrs. with lowest rate of interest.
  • Nominal documentation & fast process.
  • Loan amount up to 60% to 100% of the current property’s market value.( loan amount depend on property valuation & income also).
  • We offer flexible repayment to our customers.

Purpose of loan 

  • Immediate working capital
  • Enhance Business

Balance transfer Facilities: 

We can help you to transfer your outstanding loan amount & enhancement in ( home loan, loan against property, over draft limit) also.with the cheaper rate of interest.

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